Wage Survey 2024

Discover the Latest Trends in CDA Wages

Close to 400 CDAs participated in this year’s wage survey. The average overall wage reported was $33.62 and close to 9 out of 10 CDAs (87.8%) earned between $31 and $40 per hour, with an average overall wage of approximately $33.22 per hour.

Key Survey Findings

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$33.62: The average overall hourly wage of the 386 respondents

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72.3%: Number of respondents that work in privately-owned dental clinics


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57%: The number of respondents that received a pay increase in 2023. 

The majority (72.3%) of BC certified dental assistants who responded to the survey work in privately-owned dental clinics. In 2023, 57% of survey respondents received pay increases, and of those who received increases, 68% were happy with the increase.

Virtually all CDAs (95%) who responded to the survey are paid an hourly rate. The most common benefits reported were free or low-cost in-office dental care, uniform allowances, extended health benefits or HSAs, and the legally required five minimum paid sick days from their employer in BC.

Thank you for responding to this year’s CDA Wage Survey. Collecting data about rates of pay and workforce conditions helps all practitioners to see trends in the profession, inform negotiations, and note changes over time.

We look forward to reaching out to you for next year’s survey! Check out what our sister professionals in dental hygiene reported in their survey.